Available in varying product forms like:
Aluminum Ingots: Weight 5 Kgs, 8 Kgs & 15 Kgs
Aluminum Sticks: Weight 1 Kgs & 2 Kgs
Aluminum Cubes or Pyramids: Weight- 50 gms & 100gms
Aluminum Shots or Granuals: Size range between 5mm to 10mm
All the above grades can also be made as per customer requirements of purity, diameter, weight and tensile strength.
Quality Sourcing - Networking for Quality sourcing
Raw materials we procure are from the tested & reliable sources hence the grades we offer are of high value. Our network of reliable sources and the relationships that we have built and maintained with them, work to give you the best sourcing solution.
We are called upon to mediate in quality claims and we can say with a great deal of pride that both the suppliers and our clients have always gone along with our analysis and judgment, this also is an indication of the scientific and in-depth analysis that we put into each claim.
Aluminum Wire De-oxldent
We do personal inspection and testing of all materials (mainly, Aluminium Alloy Ingots, Aluminium Wire Rods, Aluminium de-ox, Aluminium Billets, Copper Ingots, Brass Ingots etc) that we export from India and make sure all materials are manufactured and loaded as per your required technical specification and standard.
We provide detailed batch wise reports, packing and loading details including photographs for your reference and they are submitted for your kind approval prior to the vessel sailing.
Transparency - Earning Trust through Transparency
We have a corporate policy of maintaining a very high degree of transparency in all our dealings. This enables our clients to get the best value, enables them to profit and also builds a great deal of trust. The trust and goodwill that we have accumulated are our assets and this binds our clients and Globemet as a family which works together for each others success.
Our unstinted focus on creating value for our clientele has ensured that we always get repeat customers who have the confidence to leave the price negotiations and finalizations to us.
Aluminium De - Ox | Wire De-oxident - click on thumbnails for larger view
Cubes   Shots   Sticks
Wire De-oxident - click on thumbnails for larger view
Wire Rod   Wire Rod    
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