We deal in a wide range of Non-Ferrous scrap (Aluminum Scrap, Copper Scrap, Zinc Scrap, Brass Scrap, Lead Scrap and Nickel Scrap) and source from list of reputed Suppliers from all around the world. Our suppliers are equipped with the excellent know-how of the process of handling, packaging and delivering the scraps to the end users. We understand buyer's requirement and source material exactly as per requirements of the buyer .
Knowledge building and sharing : Our knowledge and experience in terms of where to source material for any particular requirement is unparalleled. We have developed and honed our intelligence in terms of what kind of raw material will suit which kind of businesses and where to source those materials to enable our client s to be most competitive. We constantly monitor changes in Foreign Trade Mechanisms, Exchange rates, International Commodity Markets and other related areas of global trade to provide the best possible information to our clients.
Aluminium Scrap - click on thumbnails for larger view
aluminium foils aluminium household foils
Al Foils 8xxx   Al HouseHold Foils   Al New 5xxx_6xxx cuttings
aluminium plate cuttings alloy wheels aluminium new 6082 plates
Al Plate cuttings   Alloy Wheels   Alu New 6082 Plates
aluminium round punchings aluminium telic aluminium turnings telic
Alu Round Punchings   Alu Telic (PUCKS)   Alu Turnings TELIC
aluminium zinc dross aluminium catering foil aluminium cuttings 1xxx
Alu Zinc Dross   Aluminium Catering Foil   Aluminium Cuttings 1xxx    
aluminium decorative foil aluminium solids bottle caps    
Aluminium Decorative Foil   Aluminium Solids   Al Can cap    
Al Can cap Wire Rods 1xxx    
Aircraft Scrap   Alu Extrusion scrap tread   Alu Sheets 1xxx    
    bottle caps    
Billet ends       Bottle Caps    
commercial pure Extrusion Loose (Unused) Extrusion sheard    
Commercial Pure   Extrusion Loose (Unused)   Extrusion sheard    
Incineration Scrap New Litho Trimmings new radiator scrap    
Incineration Scrap   New Litho Trimmings   New Radiator Scrap    
new radiator scrap loose new scrap 3xxx refregerator shredded    
New Radiator Scrap Loose   New Scrap 3xxx   Refregerator Shredded    
Taint Tabor HRB Taint Tabor Sheard    
Taint Tabor HRB   Taint Tabor Sheard   Taint Tabor Shredded    
Tough Taboo Trimmings Unused Litho    
Tough Taboo   Trimmings   Unused Litho    
Unused Litho with Paper Utensils Wire Rods 1xxx    
Unused Litho with Paper   Utensils   Wire Rods 1xxx    
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